Saturday, July 25, 2009


I bookmarked "The Landscape Design Site" (

I added the following tags to my bookmark: Design and Combinations.

I'm certain that I will continue to use 'Delicious'. This landscape design site alone contains links to several other excellent sites. Apart from this, I saw many "tags" of interest and browsing even briefly made me aware that I could easily spend hours hunting around to see what other people have found. Essentially, a lot of hunting has been done for me! As well, it will be very handy to be able to find a web site at home and then look it up at work without having to redo the search.

When I "hunted for an URL" ... looking for 'Canada 411' ... I was able to see a list of the tags that other people had used to identify it and by following those I found many other similar search sites.

When I used the "explore tags" feature, I was happy to find that others before me had used some of the tags I used so I found even more interesting gardening sites. The other thing that was a nice surprise was finding that it is possible to hunt for two separate tags in combination to make for a more directed set of results! Finally, when I found someone else who was interested in 'plant combinations', I looked at her other bookmarks and found still more sites of interest. This is like joining a bunch of different clubs!

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Big lumpy dog with ball

Big lumpy dog with ball
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